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Your Business Networking Resource




Our Mission

Create an environment that supports business leaders to promote relative industry or business.

Our Vision

Working with the business community to positively promote commerce in the Valley.

Mesa Arizona’s Red Mountain Chamber of Commerce

The Red Mountain Chamber is a North East Mesa Chamber planted in the Red Mountain area and community. Mesa is the second-largest city in the Phoenix metropolitan area.  For this reason, we found it necessary to provide a business networking resource right in the Red Mountain area to benefit the entire Phoenix Valley. 

If you live, work, or own a business in the Valley of the Sun we invite you to join the newest Mesa Arizona Chamber. Our slogan is that we are “Your Business Networking Resource. This is because we know there are other Chambers that do a great job as information centers, working with politicians, city planning, and big business. That’s great and we congratulate them! However, we are here for local businesses and entrepreneurs that work, live, or do business from the Red Mountain area across the entire valley.




Our Team

Our team is dedicated to the growth and resources of local businesses, people, and organizations in the Mesa community and surrounding areas. As local entrepreneurs, we have identified a gap in business networking as Mesa continues to be a popular place to live.